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 Worship Assistants Schedule
February 2020


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Note:  If you cannot attend the service when you are scheduled as a Worship Assistant, please arrange for a substitute and notify the Church office or Pastor Suzanne of the change.  Thank you.


Schedule: February 2 February 9 February 16 February 23 February 26
Ash Wednesday
Acolyte Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer Volunteer
Lector Sandy V Bill G Pam R Carolyn G Gina B
Communion Stewards Joe B & Steph G Bill G & Kevin R Pam R & Gina B Ron L & Ken R Sheila N & Penny W
Greeters Lou C Sharon W Vera M Volunteer Volunteer
Altar Duty
Team 3 Team 3 Team 3 Team 3 Team 3
Ushers Team 5 Team 6 Team 1 Team 2 Team 3

Altar Duty (Sacristan) Teams                                         2020 Ushering Teams (Team Captain(s) in bold type)

Team #1 Kathy N; Maria S   Penny W Kathy N; Kevin R; Migdalia D
Team #2 Lisa K; Pam R; Stephanie G   Kathy R Jerry F; Ken R; Paul W
Team #3 Jody F; Stephanie Y   Gina B Stephanie G; Bob H; Preston K
Team #4 Ken & Kathy R; Ron & Rosemary L   Ron L
Sandy V
Rosemary L; Princess R
Team #5 Sandy V; Ellie L; Penny W; Migdalia D   Maria S Mary K; Joe N; Allison R; Linda T
Team #6 N/A   Pam R Bill G; Sharon L; Guy L; Brighid T
  It is important to get a substitute when your team is not available.     For substitutes contact Lou & Carol C